• A Lost Pilot

XXL 2019 Freshman List Predictions

First off, if you haven't see the contenders well than you should definitely take a look because they're wack! The artists range from random rappers with a decent following and rappers who you know are just trash. For example they decided they thought Skinnyfromthe9 could be a good option for the list Skinnyfromthe9 is one of the most disliked artists in the game right now, he blew up off of his song Love Blast which doesn't even go hard... Another ridiculous person they put as an option is Kid Buu, this guy is convinced he's Lil Pumps clone, like he seriously thinks that. Kid But is only famous because he's convinced he's a clone and had no musical talent and shouldn't even be considered for the freshman list. Icy Narco is another fool on the list he's put out only a few songs and they have done pretty well. But they're very basic songs and wouldn't see him being able to put a verse down off the top of the dome. AND THEY REALLY DECIEDED TO THROW BLUEFACE ON THERE????? Blueface makes one super basic song that goes massive and has a total of like 6 words and now they think he's a contender for the list. I don't know why XXL continues to put trash artists on the freshman list year after year but they do, and its sad because theres a lot of other rappers out there that deserve spots.

Predicted List:

(btw this isn't who I think should be on the list, this is who I think XXL is gonna pick)

Ohgeesy (valid)

Blueface (unfortunately)

DaBaby (valid)

Lil Mosey (unfortunately)

Lil Tjay ( I wish they would throw TJ Porter on there but guarantee they won't)

Rico Nasty (she low-key spits)

YBN Almighty Jay (the worst outta YBN)

Bhad Bhabie (unforntunately, but she has a huge fanbase)

Quando Rondo (valid, and he had a huge year)

XXL gotta stop playing my man Cousin Stizz, throw that dude on this list!