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Xo Suavé Is 16, Homeschooled, And Getting People's Attention On Soundcloud

Xo Suavé

I got the chance to connect with artist Xo Suavé. Starting his music career only 3 years ago he's been able to grab a lot of peoples and stacking up thousands of streams on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services. And gaining a a growing fanbase thats sitting at over 50k followers on his Instagram His next album dropping sometime this year will change the game as I've been told. Give him a follow and his music a listen.

You're from Dallas, Texas. What's the music scene like in your area?


Yes, I was born and raised in Dallas Texas. The music scene to me down here in Dallas I just feel like it’s quiet. I have a cousin who raps and he’s good at what he does. He gave me my first equipment to start rapping about 4 years ago. His name is Alaun Deonte. 

How did you first get into creating music? How long have you been making music? Who did you look up to when you were first starting?


I first started to think about getting into music when my cousin and I were in LA back in like 2015 and he showed me that he was making beats on this free beat program that came with iMacs. When I was young, in the 1st grade back in 2009 I was listening to Drake and Kid Cudi. In 4th grade, I was listening to Young Thug while jumping on my bed lol. And in early 2016 I decided I wanted to start recording music but I had no equipment, so I started to record with an android phone. The first of my music was inspired by Chief Keef, I was REALLY on my Chief Keef shit back in 2016 for real though.

You have a big fanbase with over 50k followers on Instagram, and under all your songs on SoundCloud you can see people commenting things like "this goes literally crazzy, listened to all your songs this is by far the best you need to keep making songs like this you are the reincarnation of X". How does that make you feel that you are impacting people with your music at such an early stage of your career?

When I was young back in 2nd grade I knew I was gonna be a star, I knew I was gonna be big, before I was rapping I would go everywhere and just pretend like I’m some famous rapper and I would literally post pictures of fake private jets and lots of money on my Instagram and I only had like 10 followers lol. I don’t feel very surprised because I know I got this shit, I’m sitting on great music that’s gon' make these kids go crazy. I’m grateful for the fans. And when I look back I find it crazy like damn I’m almost the star I wanted to be when I was young.

You started to rap in 2016 and according to your SoundCloud the first song you dropped was "Rage" produced by CashMoneyAP you dropped your debut album "Project X" on October 13th, 2018 and then dropped a single "Killer777" August 9th, 2019. With only starting to put out music a year ago your grabbing people's attention early in your music career. 

I started in early 2016 but I had no money to put into it all my music but last year I decided that it’s time to make money off of this. Killer 777 is a taste of the new sound I got coming. I’m recording an album people begging me for so far. It’s coming. I knew I would receive this kind of attention because of the plan that I have. Because I know how to get rich. That’s why I avoid school a lot because they ain’t teach me how to get rich.

Did you link up with Playboi Carti and Pi'erre Bourne on "Whole Lotta Shit" or was that a remix put together?

"Whole lotta Shit" was just a remix. I never met Pi’erre or Carti yet. I’m just a teenager in his room with the door closed making beats and rapping when I’m home alone. Both Playboi Carti and P’ierre Bourne are a big inspiration on my music right now. I see myself working with them soon. I respect both of them and I shame people who support the leaks. I hate those people their such assholes to me uh haha. 

Can you run us through making "No Cap"?

I produced “No Cap” too. I made that beat when I was home a lot in the summer and I started like repeating the 808s and I was like “oooh shit” When I was recording on the beat I was just thinking of recording a music video on me buying new school clothes all designer and shit lol.

What makes you and your music different than other artists?

My music is always gonna be faster. My voice can come off as deep in person but I speak in a higher tone in all of my songs and I just like making upbeat fast music. That’s my style, and I’m super hype, I feel like I’m the Lil Uzi Vert of Dallas. I’m gonna be big soon, kids in my old high school don’t see it but I see it! It’s gonna happen so I gotta prepare myself. I am gonna be on top one day. I don’t maintain, I elevate.

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

I'm gonna get a lot of fans from my upcoming album. And also “I gotta get verified on Instagram” that’s one big goal. I’m meeting a lot of people on the Internet that’s behind platinum records. Just wait till I get my bands up. I mean just look at these young millionaires in the game right now, Xo Suavé coming from Dallas Texas is one of em. You’ll see.