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XANMAN$HAWTY Talks Working With A$att, New Music On The Way And More

We got the chance to talk to Houston's very own XANMAN$HAWTY, an artist who works very closely to the producer collective Beat Pluggz, specifically Mexikodro, Corey Lingo, and A$att. With their beats and his witty lyrics, XANMAN$HAWTY is sure to be a successful act. Check out our conversation with the budding artist below, as he talks about his beginnings, what he’s done to get to where he is now, and what's on his horizon


Where are you from? What was your upbringing like? And what made you want to get into music? 

I'm from South Houston, Texas. I moved to Dickinson, Texas, shortly after my grandmother got ill with cancer at a young age and finished grade school there as well. I wanted to get into music because of my father. He would always play different music around me, and I found a love for it early on. 

What was going through your head when you made/put out your first beat? Was creating your plan as a career? How long have you been making beats? And any notable influences?

I just wanted to make something melodic with a lot of bass like DP; he was one of my earliest influences on production. My first beat released on a track was "Southside Shawty", and its got influence from ICYTWAT. I've only been making beats for around two years, so I'm just starting. 

You've worked a lot with members of the Pluggz producer collective, including MexikoDro, Corey Lingo, StoopidXool, and A$att. Most artists only dream of getting beats from that group. How did you connect with them? And what's it like working with some of the industry's best producers?

I hopped on a Stoopidxool and A$att collab and called it "Lottery" back in 2018 but didn't rerelease it until after I had gotten a new SoundCloud and connected with A$att officially locking in a partnership around 2019. I connected with other members all through A$att. Corey and I got some stuff in the works which I hope to release soon. It's truly a dream come true working with these guys because coming up; they were all I heard in my teen years. 

One of my favorite songs of yours is "Nonstop" produced by Corey Lingo and A$att. Your lyrics flow effortlessly over their classic production. How did you end up hopping on one of that beat? 

I ended up getting the beat for "Nonstop" one night from A$att in a pack and instantly fell in love with the beat. I've never had the opportunity to work with A$att in person, but I hope to get that in 2020 with a full recap of the session(s).

Another notable song of yours is "Different Borders" produced by CashCache. How did you two end up collaborating on that song? What's your relationship with CashCache? And what's the story behind the lyrics? 

I had an opportunity to work with Cash awhile back when I was still fresh back to the scene, but I blew my chance, sort of. One day when I was cooling making beats, we chopped it up, and I made my first two appearances with Cash on "New Year" and "Different Borders." The song itself reflects my opinions on the 'House Boys', The fake kickers and lames who do all that internet thuggin'.

I want to talk about your most recent release, "Surf On My Diamonds" (prod. A$att). How did that beat end up getting into your hands? What's it like working so much with A$att? He seems to be your go-to producer. Why him? 

A$att blessed my career with his amazing talents as a producer. He is my All-time favorite producer just because he can take a sound you wouldn't expect to have a rhythm and make it come alive off the track. I've had the 'Surf on my Diamonds' beat for a year and a half and finally decided to release it because I felt it was time for something more melodic and a "summer-ish" feel. 

Do you prefer to be in the studio collaborating on a track with a fellow artist and producer, or do you like to do your work privately and send things back and forth via email? 

I prefer either-or, but I've only worked with a few people and producers in person, but I'd hope to get some work in the studio with other artists and producers going into 2020. 

What's one thing you learned so far in your career as an artist that you wish you knew when you first started?  

Paying your producers, and making sure everyone is getting equal splits on platforms is key to a long and healthy Producer-Artist relationship and a healthy business partnership. They make the sounds that make your sound. 

What differentiates you from the rest of the artists out there? Why should people care about XANMAN$HAWTY?

When I rap, it's almost film-like, you can practically see what I'm describing to you. My experiences growing up and stuff I still go through today are being turned into stories I can give back to the fans. The authenticity is what most care about, which they should, and that's why most are drawn to my sound.

What can we expect from you in 2020? A new tape? Merch? Let the people know.

I have a couple more tapes to release in 2020 with the likes of A$att, Eddie Gianni, and I hope to work with producer KapeThaGoat more as well on an EP. Merch will be coming out soon for all my fans who have been waiting on such. More official music videos will be released as well, so stay tuned...

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