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Woods Talks Working With 6 Dogs, 645 AR Placement, And More

Whether it be the latest from veteran 6 Dogs or the new sounds of today from rising phenom 645AR, you’ve heard his “Woods light that shit up!” tag. Today, we got the chance to speak with producer Woods as he sheds light on his early years, his placements, tips for aspiring producers, and what he’s got in store for the future. Check it out below and enjoy!


Where are you from? What was your upbringing like? Talk life before Woods & what made you want to get into producing music? 

I was born in Atlanta, GA, and lived there till I was 12 and moved to Saint Louis after finishing high school. I played instruments when I was younger (violin, trumpet, and percussion). I also participated in the band. What made me want to produce music was seeing friends going crazy and making music and wanting to be apart of something that could change the industry 

What was going through your head when you made/put out your first beat? Did you ever think you'd be producing as a career? How long have you been making beats? And any notable influences?

The only thing that was going through my head at first was that I'm about to take this shit over and going to be the best. I never thought I'd be producing as a career growing up. I have been making bets for four years now. My biggest influences are Metro Boomin, Tame Impala, and Benny Blanco.

What beat program did you start on and what beat program do you use now? Do you have a recommended beat program for producers, or would you say try them all? 

I started on Logic but didn't know anything I was doing, then my boy Matt Blanco taught me FL Studio. I then switched to Ableton for a year and returned to FL Studio, which is what I use now. Try all of them, nothing better than walking into a session, you know how to handle every program.

Inevitably, your tag is "Woods light that shit up!". One that speaks for itself, it's short, sweet and to the point. How did you create your tag? Many producers want a catchy producer tag but don't know where to start, any advice?

I honestly don't remember how I came up with my tag. It just came to me after a few years. Just try and find something catchy that rhymes with your name and picture everyone saying it.

Recently, you connected with fellow producer Daniel Hartzog on not one, but two 6 Dogs tracks titled "Takashi Murakami" and "Burberry Weather". Both tracks garnered over 45k and 145k respectively at the time of writing. Talk the process of making those beats and if there were studio sessions for the producing/recording of both songs. And just a quick word on working with an artist of 6 Dogs caliber. 

My boy Dan is the craziest with the piano, and he had invited 6 over to come to cook up at our studio. We made a few beats for him before he pulled up, but as he was walking in, we were working on the beat for "Burberry Weather". Instantly he walked in and knew it was a hit. When working with a bigger artist that you don't know, make sure your beats are hard, then everything will fall into place.

You have a placement with one of the most unique sounding artists the game has ever seen, 645AR. 645AR melodically spits over beats flawlessly in the highest pitch voice we've heard in rap. How did this collaboration come together? What do you think of his music? And what's it like working with such a popular artist? 

I was in town around Thanksgiving for a tour, and I hit up Sensei to cook up. He happened to be with AR, and we all went over to David Morse'sMorse's studio. His music is crazy, and the fact he is making a new wave is fye for the culture. It's a blessing because that song we made that night put us all in a better position than before.

Another notable placement you have is "WWYTT" by BOOFBOIICY, with additional production by Mahippy. How did you three get connected? What was the process of making the beat with Mahippy? 

I met Icy and Mahippy through our mutual friend Flex who also raps. We all happened to be in Ohio around Christmas of 2019 and just went dumb. Mahippy and I literally would get a case of Truly's and cook up all night, then the next day, Icy would pull up to the studio.

You have had a lot of success, and a lot of producers would do anything to get themselves in the position you are in? Any advice to all the producers out there trying to get their first placement? 

Just be yourself, and it's not just about making beats. You have to go out, and network, meeting people is so crucial. Especially if you don't think your music isn't there yet, making connections and working hard is better than anything.

What'sWhat's next for Woods? 

You're just going to have to wait and see!!

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