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Sammyboy Talks Linking With Duwap Kaine, Chasing Placements, And More

Producing since his highschool days, Sammyboy has developed that special sound many producers only dream of having. Working and creating art with the likes of Duwap Kaine and 1030Tuwop, to name a few, he has amassed over 1.5 million views on his YouTube. In an industry that's oversaturated and crowded,

SammyBoy's unique sound makes him

a standout for sure. He has a lot of new

music and exciting projects dropping this

year, so stay tuned!


Where are you from? What was your upbringing like? And what made you want to get into producing music? 

I'm from the Midwest, living in Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. As a kid, I was either always outside messing around or on the internet looking at weird cool shit. In Middle school, I was a reseller and sold Supreme/ Jordans and all that, so I've always been an entrepreneur. Being a producer was natural for me as I could make money with no one telling me what to do and leaving my mark on something I love; music.  

What was going through your head when you made/put out your first beat? How long have you been making beats? And any notable influences?

My first beat I just copied a basic tutorial on YouTube, but when I started putting out my beats In Highschool, I put no thought into what could happen and just did it for fun. I listen to so much different music, so a couple of influences would be; Yung Lean, Chief Keef, Aphex Twins, Pierre Bourne, synth-wave/Deep House music, Tame Impala, and the whole Pluggz beats team. 

Your producer tag is "Sammyboyyyy". How did you create your tag? A lot of producers want a catchy producer tag but don't know where to start, any advice?

I got my tag from a Japanese anime voice actor. I would suggest you get your homie to make you a tag or sample something cool from YouTube. 

You've worked with Duwap Kaine quite a bit how did you two link?

I have been sending him beats for over a year, and he kind of witnessed how my style evolved through that year and started hopping on more of my new beats, which have had a specific unique style to them. 

One of my favorite tracks you've produced is "Earl Sweatshirt" by Duwap Kaine off his new tape "Bad Kid From The 4". You also produced "Da Feeling" and "GOMB (Flip)" off the same tape. How did these beats get into Kaine's hands?

My brother Roe I produced "Earl Sweatshirt", and I made the "Da Feeling" beat on my birthday in my dorm room, I remember being locked in and thinking about how I want to be in a totally different place my next birthday. And for "GOMB", I told Duwap I wanted to remix it, and I did my thing, adding drums and synths to the already existing fye beat he made. No Studio sessions either, all those placements came over the internet. 

Another track you lent production to was "Lean On You" by Duwap Kaine off the "Mr. 4" EP, which at the time of writing has racked up 213K plays on SoundCloud. How did Duwap end up on this beat? Speak a little if you can on your relationship with Kaine and if we can expect some more collabs in the future?

When Duwap dropped "Mr.4", I had no clue any of my beats made it on there, so it took me by surprise, and I was hyped. Me and Duwap both like certain sounds that aren't mainstream, but are fire and loved by the underground.

You recently dropped "[Welcome To My World] Vol 1", a compilation of your favorite self produced tracks slowed and reverbed with artists like Duwap Kaine and 1030Tuwop, to name a few. Talk about that experience and what it was like going back and playing with those tracks?

I honestly made this compilation for me so I could listen to my favorite tracks slowed. I fuck with slowed+reverbed music heavily, which is why most of my beats sound fye slowed. Shoutout to Tuwop, Kin Jaay, Duwap, Booda, Kamisha, and Trizzzycaine, they always put down some crazy shit to my beats. 

Your Instagram, as of recently, suggests your working with Florida rapper GordoTheSocket. What can we expect from that link up? 

My brother Gordo and I were cooking up fire for like four days straight, some crazy beats were made and some fye songs too. Gordo gonna drop a tape real soon so be on the lookout for that.

Any tips or tricks for producers trying to get their foot in the door and get their first placement? 

Really lock-in and study the music, you have to put hours into listening to different music and study the beats. Don't chase the placements, find artists on the come up who have a good sound, and create music with them. You will develop a distinct sound rather than just copying. 

What's one thing you learned so far in your producing career that you wish you knew when you first started? Should producers chase placements?

I wish I knew that it's better to connect and build with underground artists at the beginning rather than chasing the big placements. These small artists are the next ones to blow. 

Message to all the producers out there?

Just keep creating, everything you want will come to you if you are patient and consistent. And also that BlingBwoyHippie is next up no cap, his arrival is soon. 

What's next for SammyBoy? Any projects you're featured on? Solo project? What's 2020 looking like in terms of your music?

I'm definitely going to keep experimenting and maybe put out a vaporwave or Indie Beat Tape. 2020 I want to move out of the Midwest and go the LA to work with all the artists I know through my beats. Shoutout to A Lost Pilot for putting on for the underground. 

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