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RIP XXXTentacion

We have lost one of the most versatile artists in the rap game, and one of the most influential icons to the public.

XXXTentacion was an inspiration. When shopping for motorcycles today, X was shot dead by a gunman with a red mask. The news is out, so this post is not to inform the public. This post is to commemorate his existence.

Although X had legal issues, and accusations of sexual assault, X spread a positive message to the public and for kids, after his release from prison in March, 2017. X spread anti rape messages, and tried to assemble anti rape rallies. He was an icon that preached about his depression, dealing with depression, letting go, and sadness as a whole. Kids looked at X and used his music as a way to deal with their own depression.

Kids really felt that they could do anything because of him. On social media platforms and throughout his music, he preached about kids being able to do anything that they set their minds to. X came from a broken household, and had been in and out of jail his entire life, yet was able to turn his life around and use his negative past to preach on how to avoid what he went through. In a chilling video he filmed of himself, he talked about him wanting to leave a message for kids, if he were to ever die as a sacrifice. All we now have left, as chilling as it is, is his messages and his music.

Due to his past, and his former involvement in gang culture, it seems as if he could never escape his past. We can all look at X, and say “Wow, he really cleaned up his act, changed for the better, and he spread a very positive message to the youth.” The sad thing about that sentence, is that I had to write that in the past.

I think we can all say that X was an icon in the making, and a life that was taken far too soon. X was one of the most versatile rappers in the game at only 20 years old. He could sing, rap, and change the genre to an almost alternative rock. He pioneered screaming rap. People could only look at his career, and tell themselves that he had so much more potential to be one of the best rappers of the generation, if not all time.

His music was great, but his message was even far greater.

Thank you, X. RIP.

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