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PMshowdem Talks Working With Duwap Kaine, What He Learned As A Producer & More


After only making beats for a year UK producer Pmshowdem has made his way into the American hip hop scene through his unique style of beats. He's been able to gain placements and the attention from popular artists like Duwap Kaine and Luv4clip. He has tons of new music on the way with some big names in this industry, keep an eye out on him this year he's about to takeover.


Where are you from? What was your upbringing like? What's the music scene like in your area? And who were you listening to growing up?

I'm from London, UK. I grew up in a calm environment; nothing much going on. The music scene consisted of mostly UK drill and afro beats and some bashment music. I was listening to Eminem, Chief Keef, Fetty Wap, and Michael Jackson.

A lot of people want to be rappers, what made you want to decide to take the producing route? What was going through your head when you made/put out your first beat? How long have you been making beats? And any notable influences?

Well, I mainly became a producer because my cousin made beats, and I found it cool that you could make beats by just clicking buttons on your laptop because at first, I thought everything was made with live instruments, and I didn't know anything. When I made my first beat I was really confused because I've never seen anything like this before so it literally took me like a week to make one beat. I've been making beats for a year now. Chief Keef was my primary influence. 

Your producer tag is "Hey PM, show them something" how did you create your tag? A lot of producers want a catchy producer tag but don't know where to start, any advice?

I was at my cousin's house making my first beat, and he was suggesting I add a tag over it, I thought of the name PM because that's my initials, so I stuck to that, my cousin was saying random things as a joke, and I heard him say "Hey PM, show them something". I loved it, so we recorded it, and I used that ever since. Ask friends your for ideas and make sure your tag is short and simple. 

For someone relatively new to producing, how have you been able to network yourself/your beats to an artist like Duwap Kaine or Luv4Clip? 

Before anything, you should become friends and build a relationship with the artist and not just asking straight away "LeMmE sEnD bEaTs" because they get hundreds of those messages every day so that wouldn't make you stand out for them to pick YOU specifically.

One of my favorite songs of yours is "Label" by Duwap Kaine featured on his latest EP "Mr.4". How did that beat end up getting in Kaine's hands?

I sent him beat packs almost every month, and there was one time he was in LA, and he was going to the studio nearly every day, so I used this to my advantage and sent him all of my hardest beats. I live in London, so, unfortunately, I wasn't in the studio session when he recorded it. I heard "Label" for the first time the day it was released, I woke up getting ready for school, and I check my phone to see tons of messages from people congratulating me. I was very confused about what was going on, I checked youtube, and I saw that Duwap released an EP, and I listened to it, and the last son that was on it I was shocked as I heard my melody and tag and I was so excited. 

Another one of my favorite productions of yours is "Options" by Luv4clip, an emerging artist out of North Carolina. How did you first connect with Luv4clip? Was that beat meant from him? And how did that song come together?

I used to follow him last summer because someone put me on him and I was messaging him telling him his beats are fire and asked to send beats, at the end I never got to send any during the summer because I was on holiday, but when I got back I sent him a bunch of beats. That beat was meant for a guy at my school who raps called Mojimulla, but he never hopped on it, so the first person I knew at the time to send beats to was Clip, so I sent him that beat with like three other beats attached.

What's one thing you learned so far in your producing career that you wish you knew when you first started? 

Don't try to sound like other producers that are not going to get you far; people want to hear a new sound and not the same thing over and over.

Any tips or tricks for producers trying to get their foot in the door and get their first placement? Should producers chase placements, or try and perfect their craft first?

Try to look for small artists first, don't try to go for the big artists straight away because it doesn't always work, and if I were starting, I would perfect my craft first so you can make a good first impression to the artists you're going to send beats to.

What can we expect from Pmshowdem in 2020?

A mixtape from me coming out on march with many songs that haven't been released. Also, I have more songs with bigger artists on the way.