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Lonely Kobe - 6 dogs

6 dogs latest release "Lonely Kobe" is another song with insight into his mental issues and ways of life. Through the lyrics of the song:

"Tried to save them but who's gonna save me

Running for a minute I've been late lately

They hate on me

But they don't even know me

I've been smoking in the city with my homies

Popped drugs now I'm lonely

Feel so lonely

But I'm balling like I'm Kobe

Yeah I'm balling like I'm Kobe"

It's clear that 6 dogs is still battling depression and the constant feeling of loneliness. He also states in the song how he has a hard time relating to people which makes his issues only harder to deal with. 6 dogs also says how people are telling him to get a real job but he responds by simply saying that's unlikely. Clearly, 6 dogs is not willing to give up on his dream of being a rapper. From Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music his songs have millions of downloads so he is definitely doing something right. 6 dogs reveals a lot about himself and his lifestyle through his music which he doesn't get enough credit for, it is not easy to write about depression and other life struggles. Don't sleep on him he has a lot of music that he is waiting to release.

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