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Linking Up With Morgoth From Xanarchy


We got the chance to talk with Morgoth. A producer out of Vista, California. He's worked with artists like: Juice WRLD, Lil Xan, $teven Cannon, DC The Don, and more! Check out my favorite production of his: "Won't Let Go"- by Juice WRLD.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to producing music? And how long have you been producing music?

I grew up in Vista CA and Taos NM. I first started playing guitar in punk bands when I was 11 and got the bug for recording and making my own music then.

How did you create your tag? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

My tag is this girl named Saki and Aya they are from Japan. My friend Tyler from the band Issues had the idea for my tag to sound like an anime character and they nailed it. I think it’s super important because it lets people know it’s your beat whether the title says your name or not.

How long have you been producing? How have you seen the music change when you first started out compared to now?

I’ve been producing for bands since 2010 and I started making beats around 2013. I definitely have seen a big shift in music. Luckily for me coming from a metal and rock background the worlds of hip hop and rock have been coming together again. We can thank artists like Bones for that. I think it will continue down this path into the 2020s.

Can you run us through your process of making a beat?

Well, I try to have a lot of different styles and to make as many genres as I can think of. So I usually jam out to a basic drum beat. I’ll either start with a guitar riff or piano melody. I’ll try and make the music vibe with whatever I’m feeling. I try to let my emotions out through the music. It can take days or 20 minutes sometimes depending on when I feel it’s right.

What's your affiliation with Xanarchy? What's it like being around all those guys? How did you get the opportunity to work with them?

Well, I’ve been friends with Diego since before he was Lil Xan. He has recorded pretty much all his music with my roommate and production partner Kinfolk Jon. So we are all pretty good friends and are proud of Diego for going from a poor kid from the IE to a hugely famous artist. It’s quite a crazy thing to see your friend blow up like this.

How/when did you first connect with Juice WRLD? What was it like working with him on "Won't Let Go" and getting a placement on his most recent album?

Well, Purps from 808 Mafia and I made the beat. We wanted a clean Deftones kinda vibe so that’s what I did with the guitars. Purps did the drums and 808 and gave it a sick bounce. Well luckily Max Lord is Juice's engineer and Max Lord and Purps are close. Purps got to show him the beat and he loved it!

Is it hard to get placements? How do you go about reaching out to artists?

Yes, it can be tough and discouraging. You just have to keep your ear to the ground and look for up and coming artists you can grow with. I'll try and get bigger artists emails as well and send them beats. Sometimes that does work out.

Any advice to someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

One of the best things I think of is to try and collab as much as you can with other producers. They will be able to get your collabs places you can’t. Make melodies and reach out to other producers to send them to. I’ve gotten a lot of placements off my abilities to play guitar in a genre where it’s not common. So know what your best at and use that to your strength.

Favorite song you've produced? And why is it your favorite?

I’m torn between the Juice WRLD song and Scarlxrd HXW they Judge. They both are bangers in their own way! Also, a new Xan song that’s not out yet which will really surprise people!

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

Working on my band Winds of Plagues new album. I’m producing a lot of the new Lil Xan album and a lot of other things I’m sure will fall into my life.

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