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Linking Up With Jiggi, A Producer From New Jersey Who's Got Some Of The Hardest Beats Out


Jiggi is a producer from New Jersey who's been in the game for two years. His beats kick hard. One of my personal favorite current producers right now. He's worked with UnoTheActivist and has some fire coming our way with him this year. Check out my personal favorite production of his: "Requiem" by UnoTheActivist featured on Limbus Pt. 2.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to producing music?

I'm from Freehold, New Jersey. It's a cool town, nothing really goes on there. I always had a connection with music. I remember as a kid I used to love this game called DJ Hero, and I was always playing it. In high school, I wanted to make club music but I never thought I would never be good at it. It wasn't until I met my boy Toju who produced for Xavier Wulf, and Rich The Kid, at Rutgers. He showed me Fl studio, then that summer, which was the end of my sophomore year of college, I picked up Fl studio. The first beat I ever made was six days before my 20th birthday.

Describe your creative process?

My creative process is random. I look for a sound, play with the notes, but once I hear something I like I almost immediately know what to do. But I always start by listening to my own beats or music in general right before. Then I'll open FL and start cooking up.

How long have you been producing and what keeps you motivated to create new beats?

This upcoming June 2019, it will be two years since I started making beats. I just love making beats, to be honest, and I want to be one of the best. But as of recent, a lot of people have been supporting me and look up to me as an inspiration. And the people in more corner who constantly support everything I do keeps me going the most.

How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career as a producer?

I really didn't get good until about 10 months in. And at that time I had only been making melodies for 5 months because I couldn't afford to buy VST's and I didn't feel confident in the program yet. So the first 5 months I was only sampling video games I used to play all the time.

How did you end up linking with UnoTheActivist as your first placement?

Toju sent me an IG story of Uno's beat email and it said producers send beats. So I sent the ethereal dreams beat and requiem beat. This was June of 2018. But I didn't hear from him until he emailed me back saying he was using the beats around September of the same year.

What’s your scene? Would you rather be at the crib cooking up beats solo? Or be in the studio collaborating with other producers?

I love cooking up by myself with no distractions. I feel like I make my best beats when it's just me or two other people max. This summer I'm going to start going to studios by myself because I love that environment and how loud everything is. Getting in the room with artists is something I want to start doing more and being involved in the entire creative process not just making the beat. But I don't mind cooking up at studios with other producers especially if they're my friends. It's always a good time.

Favorite song you've produced?

Ethereal Dreams is my favorite because it was the first beat I made that I felt I could actually be good producing. I had so much confidence after that. But asides from that it would have to say one deep.

Importance of having a producer tag?

A producer tag is very important. It's part of your identity. People hear a tag and immediately get excited for the song before the beat even drops. That's what I want people to feel when they hear "Jiggi? No one calls you that!".

What do you do in your free time when you're not producing?

If I'm not producing I'm definitely either playing video games, chilling in the crib watching Netflix or some anime, or I'll hoop once in while with my friends.

What’s on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

Be on the lookout for more collabs with me and Uno. Me and my boy Mozardell got a tape together and it's crazy hard. I can't wait for that to drop. Some of my best beats ever are on that one.

Check Him Out!

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