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Linking Up with Hez The Producer from the Producergrind podcast.

Hez The Producer
Hez The Producer

We got a chance to talk with Hez The Producer from the Producergrind podcast. Hez the producer has worked with artists like: Young Scooter, Guap Tarantino, and Lil Dude just to name a few. Keep Hez The Producer on your radar his beats are very unique.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to music?

I’m from the U.S Virgin Islands, St. Croix. I first got into music around 15 years old. I started playing drums for my church back home around that time. I ended up playing drums professionally, which led me on my path to becoming a music producer.

What program do you use to make beats? And what program would you recommend to a beginning producer? 

The daw I use to make beats in is logic. Started using it 3 years ago and was stuck on it ever since but I heard that Fl studio is a good entry level daw. (Digital audio workstation)

Would you rather sit down, make a beat yourself and send it to an artist? Or collaborate with another producer?

I do both, collabs and make beats on my own. It’s good to collaborate with other producers and create a vibe with them that’s a form of networking, but to be honest I like working on myself so that way I can really establish my brand.

For the people who don't know, whats the "ProducerGrind" and whats your affiliation with them? And how long have you been apart of the team?

Producergrind is a company that promotes the producer culture. We hold major events with big producers in the game like Sonny Digital, Chopsquad Dj, Chasethemoney, and more. We also hold beat critiques, and giveaways. We also have products to help up an coming producers level up in the game. My affiliation with the company is known to a lot of people because I make sample packs for the company and I also assist with the events. I've been apart of this company for about 3 years now shortly after I learned how to make beats. Fun fact!! To check us out click this link.

How did you end up working with Yung Scooter? What was it like working with such an icon in the rap game?

I linked with scooter through my bro French. It was a cool experience meeting him for the first time and being able to get work done with him. Be on the look out for it we got some fye coming.

What's your definition of success for a producer? Have you reached that goal?What steps have you taken to achieve that goal?

My definition of success as a producer about making an impact on the industry, and having people enjoy what you made from scratch. I have reached that goal but I’m not where I want to be as yet I’m about 20% charged up gotta touch 100 before I retire. The steps I am taking to get there is consistently working on my craft and networking more. This a tip for up and coming producers it’s really 20% talent and 80% connection in this industry today.

Is there a platform you distribute your beats on? Whats the best platform for selling beats on?

Yes I do have a beatstars page.

And I would say that either beatstars or airbit are mostly known to me.

What do you do in your free time when you're not producing?

In my free time I’m with my family. I got a 1 year old boy so I be spending majority of my free time with my wife and kid.

Whats on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

2019 I’m going harder that ever I’m finna get some bangers out with some big artist. My brand is going to go up by 2020. Gods willing.

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