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Lil Voe Talks How He First Connected With LUCKI, Making His Producer Tag + More!

Lil Voe

I got the chance to connect with artist and producer Lil Voe. Voe has produced for artists like LUCKI, Lil Wayne, SahBabii, and more! Keep an eye out for Lil Voe beats he's one of my favorite producers out right now and has been a influence on a lot of producers and the sound of beats that we are hearing nowadays. Make sure to check out his SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram.

You're from Anderson, South Carolina right? What was your upbringing like? And what was the music scene like in your area growing up?

Yeah, Anderson Sc, “The Electric City” or as we call like to call it “Los Anderson”. My upbringing was simple though stayed with my grandma 24/7 and stayed out of trouble always being into sports video games & music. Growing up at a young age there wasn’t much a music scene everything was still big in Atlanta back then. 

How did you first get into producing music? How long have you been producing? And who did you look up to when you were first starting out?

I first got into producing from my brother D, he first showed me FL Studio back in early high school and from there it was history. I’ve been producing seriously for about 3/4 years. I first was a Zaytoven fan then after years past I became a big fan of Southside. He’s #1 for me right now. 

Your producer tag is "You know it's Lil Voe on the beat!" how did you come up with that tag? Importance of tagging your beats?

I went outside said the tag on my voice recorder came back in the house and dropped it into fl studio and never changed it. You can tag or not tag your beats.. they still gonna get stolen sometimes... HAHA. But always tag your beats so people can know who you are. 

Are you a producer who likes to cook up in front of an artist when collaborating or do you prefer sending beats?

I like to cook up at home away from everyone, I never had the chance to cook up for an artist face to face yet. I've always thought producers are better cooking up naturally on their own time to feel less pressured into making beats by the artist. Unless the artist and producer are doing a collaboration tape like "Savage Mode" by Metro Boomin and 21 Savage

You've worked a lot with Chicago based rapper, LUCKI. How/when did you first connect with him?

He ripped my beat off of YouTube, but he hit me up on Twitter and apologized, it was a laugh I didn’t get mad or nothing. Our music is fire as hell, few classic tracks he laid down to the beats he got on. 

You produced "Dirty Demon" released off of LUCKI's "Freewave 2" in the summer of 2016.How did LUCKI end up hopping on it?

Same as before.. that beat came from YouTube at the time. People were hitting me up like “did you know Lucki got on your beat?”, and “damn Lil Voe is fire”. I didn’t even know who he was when this happened. I rock with him though he gets his work in. 

You produced "Clueless" another track featured on "Freewave 2". Can you run us through making that beat? How did LUCKI end up hopping on it?

I wasn’t in the studio with him, I never met him in person, only like a few minutes of FaceTime. I made that beat in like 10 mins and put it away. He told me to send a pack and out of that pack you got "Dirty Demon", "Clueless", & "Whvts the Word". 

How/when did you connect with Lil Wayne? What was the process of making the "2 Hot For TV" beat? How did he end up hopping on it?

Lil Wayne got the remake beat from YouTube it doesn’t sound as good to me because the drums in it aren’t the same ones used in the original. It is a blessing to have a song with Lil Wayne though. 

Outside of people who you work with, who do you think is up next? Who should people be listening to?

Not to sound cocky but I rap to, and I think I’m up next and people should be listening to Lil Voe. Most of these rappers don’t care about me as a producer they get what they need and dip. I can only stay loyal to myself right now until I get a bit more exposure. 

You've worked with a lot of artists over your career. What do you think is the best way to get into the music scene as a producer?

Keep working, NEVER STOP, NEVER GIVE UP. Something good always comes from the bad. Stay Humble, and just be confident in your work show it off and make it seem like it's the best shit out. Somebody's gonna like you out there. 

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

Just More music, trying to connect with more artists. I’m bout to hit em like a wrecking ball word to Miley.

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