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LewisYouNasty (left) and DDG (right)

We got the chance to link up with LewisYouNasty, a producer and videographer who's worked with artists like: Smokepurpp, Famous Dex, Sad Frosty, DDG and more! He's got some wisdom to spread about producing and video graphing so tune in. He's got some of the craziest videos out. You need to check out “Right Now / 20”- by Famous Dex.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to producing music? And how long have you been producing music?

I’m from Ontario, California. Been messing around with beats since I had a PSP. When I was young I bought a game called “Traxxpad” for the PSP and made some horrible beats haha. But it helped me understand the structure of beat-making so when I went to FL studio, it was a simple Program to pick up

What's your producer tag? How did you create it? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

It’s “ LewisYouNasty” simply describes the feeling my beats give off. Had my bro in the studio give me a call. He had some models with him and said we're going to have the models make you a tag and I said, “fasho”, I told to them say “Lewis You Nasty” and I chose my favorite one out the bunch! And producer tag is every producer's way of self-promotion in a business where producers don’t get as much credit.

When did you start shooting music videos? And how long have you been putting out music videos?

It’s been about 3 years now and been putting them out shortly after. I’ve always known how to use a camera and edit from jerkin/shuffling days lol. So shooting music videos was something in my reach.

How/when did you connect with Youngboy Never Broke Again and Sosaman? What was it like working with Young Never Broke Again and Soamann on the "Who Am I" video?

It was more spontaneous. They had a studio session and wanted me to pull up. I Got there and they ran around the mall for a quick fit and decided the song on the spot. Working with those two was great because both of them have shot a lot of videos before, so directing artists like that is simple because they know how to perform and don’t need any corrective directing.

You've worked with Famous Dex a lot, how/when did you first connect with him? Can you run us through the process of making the: "Hot Like A Balloon" beat?

First connected with him rolling with a friend to go produce for him at his crib. He was super down to earth and we ended up shooting “Big Blue” that same day. Sent him a beat with the video that next morning. Called me told me to pull up again and when I did he showed me “Hot like a Balloon”. He hopped on it as soon as I sent it. The work ethic And chemistry was the reason why we accomplished so much work. AG and I produced that one and together we created an upbeat playful sound that Dex really enjoyed.

Do you have a process for making videos? If you do could you run us through it?

First is concept, if I can fully understand a concept then my creative workflow is limitless. I’m a fan of cinematography and when I combine it with my creative ideas, I create and bring to life new concepts, ideas, and special effect editing. Next is the location, then props/models. The actual scenes come to me pretty quick.

You worked hard enough to establish yourself both as a videographer and a producer? How did you build up your credits?

Building credits is easier when meeting artists in person. Sending an email or a DM is really a shot in the dark, especially when you’re starting off and don’t have much of a name for yourself. I love both but recognition motivates and builds business. I feel I get more recognition shooting videos because I control where and how much I brand myself. As a producer, I’m always chasing down artists for appropriate credits and if you care too much you’ll drive yourself crazy. In The producer game, recognition and credits are almost just as important as the production itself. Video directing deletes most of that issue and allows me to focus more on the creative aspect.

How/when did you first connect with Smokepurpp? What was it like working with him on the "Walking Pharmacist" video?

I connected with bro through my guy Codeine Chriss, who was around him every day. He showed Purpp my stuff and purp instantly was ready to work. I pulled up around 3 am at a studio session and we knocked the video out. Smokepurp is one of the pioneers of the new rap genre we associate Lil Pump with, so instantly I could tell the creative ideas he had for music and videos were very original. He was a fun dude to be around and made the video feel more like creative guys with cool ideas working on a project rather than a job.

Favorite song you've produced?

Got some heat on the way with DaBaby and Famous Dex. Might drop soon. Might never drop, I don’t know lol.

Favorite video you've produced?

Probably “LightBulb” by SosaMann and Sauce Walka or “D.A.M.N” by Skippa Da Flippa and Sauce Walka. We shot that video in 15 mins because Skippa was late for his flight so we rushed and at first he wasn’t too sure how the video was going to come out. After he saw the final product he was more than impressed and very happy with the final product. I also invented/brought to life an edit I don’t get much credit for. It is the Effect of the still frame masked out rapper coming into the scene and matching up with video perfectly on the beat drops. After I released that video the effects spread like wildfire. And now I don’t see a video without that effect. I have a lot more up my sleeve so I'm going to keep the ball rolling with dope illusions and creative effects all 2019.

Any advice to someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

The best advice is to create your own style. If you can separate yourself from the other thousands of video directors, you're already on track to getting to the next level.

What's on the horizon for your music and video graphing career for the rest of 2019?

Big projects. Like I said earlier music with DaBaby, Famous Dex more videos with DDG, Dexter, Smokepurpp and tons more so tune in.

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