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"legends :(" by Juice WRLD

The first of two songs dropped, Juice WRLD speaks on the recent passing of XXXTentacion and the idea of losing iconic musicians too soon. With the cover art a DM with XXXTentacion, this eery and sad beat is met with Juice WRLD's melodic vocals. Juice WRLD uses his new found fame to publicize that "all legends fall in the making." Throughout the song, he mentions the recent passing of XXXTentacion and the less recent, yet still haunting, death of Lil Peep. Juice WRLD says that he doesn't even think that today's music legends will not make it past age 21 in the world that we live in. With constant shootings, Juice questions what the world we live in has come to. It seems as if these soon to be legends, the ones the are pioneering new styles of rap, are dying left and right before their careers can be expanded on.

I don't think that when Lil Peep died, I understood what his true fans went through. With the death of X, I understand exactly what they went through.

Juice WRLD leaves this song as a tribute to the lost icons in the making. Please give this song a listen, as it is a touching tribute to X and Peep.

Here is the link on SoundCloud:

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