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Godlike Pariah Talks Working With Lil Yachty, How He Built His Placements, And More!

Godlike Pariah (left) And Chris Travis (right)

We got the chance to connect with producer, Godlike Pariah. One of the producers to work with Lil Yachty before he blew up and helped put get attention. He’s had the chance to work with artists like Lil Yachty, Comethazine, Matt Ox and Chris Travis just to name a few. Check out my favorite production of his: “Bitter Sweet” by Lil Yachty.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to producing music? And how long have you been producing music?

I'm from Brooklyn NY I started making beats around when I was 17 or 18 years old. I started to make beats basically had a lot of free time on my hands and wasn't working so I just took a shot at it cause I've always had a passion for music. I have been producing for about 5 years.

What's your producer tag? How did you create it? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

My producer tag used to be "Godlike on the beat bitch"  but recently changed it to just godlike from League of legends. You have to have a producer tag because there is a lot of fake producers who will steal your beats saying that they made it instead of you.

What's your scene? Would you rather be at the crib cooking up beats solo? Or be in the studio collaborating with other producers?

I rather be at the crib in the dark by myself most of the time but I don't mind the studio. Sometimes the studio can have too many people and sometimes it's just annoying. The only way I'm usually in the studio when the beat I have is already finished.

What made you want to start focusing on music as a career rather than just a hobby?

I started to take it seriously when someone sent me 300 for a pack of beats and this was when I first started and wasn't that good so I knew then that this is something I should make a career.

You produced one of the first songs that got Yachty noticed back in 2016, "Bitter Sweet". How/when did you first connect with Yachty? Can you run us through the process of making that beat? How did Yachty end up hopping on it? Were you with him in the studio when he recorded it?

Well no, we weren't in the studio when he did it but he DM me on Instagram and asked me was I the godlike that made that beat I told him yea and the rest is history .. he got the beat from YouTube. The beat was ass to me I hate it just because I made that when I first started not knowing the stuff I know now about producing.

How/when did you first connect with Matt OX? Can you run us through making the "Fold" beat? How did Matt Ox end up hopping on it?

Comethazine got him on the beat ..  Comethazine hit me up to sample a song for it, I forgot the name but yeah Me and Matt Ox got some more work on the way.

How/when did you first connect with Comethazine? Can you run us through making the "PISS ON MY WRIST" beat?

We were just cool on Instagram at the time and he wanted packs of beats so I sent them and that how the song came about. I'd rather not talk about Comethazine I would never work with him again...

How/when did you first connect with Chris Travis? Can you run us through the process of making "Teenage Freak Show" beat? How did he end up hopping on it?

Me and Chris link years back at a New York show and we been good since... that beat I had for him I had for a couple of months but just didn't think it was ready but soon as it was done I sent it to Kenshin.

How did you build up your placements? Advice to producers in 2019 trying to build up placements with bigger artists?

Just by me keeping the fire content coming.. building your own fanbase that loves you for you... if you want placements don't force it it will come but first u gotta build a platform for yourself but u gotta have the passion things gonna get rough trust me just keep pushing.

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

getting songs that go platinum getting plaques radio play etc. This music is everything to me this shit will never stop.

Check him out:

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