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Foreigngotem Talks Making "Chopsticks" In His Bedroom, Making His Producer tag + More!

Foreigngotem posted up in front of his Jeep

We got the chance to talk Foreigngotem, this is our first interview with an overseas producer. He's worked with artists like: Lil Skies, YNW Melly, Rich The Kid, Roddy Rich, YBN Almighty Jay, Lil Mosey and more! If you've ever had a beat stolen by an artist he's got some tips for you so tune in. Check Out my personal favorite production of his: "Risk Taker" by YNW Melly.

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to producing music? And how long have you been producing music?

I’m from Europe... more specifically Serbia. I started producing when I was 16 - back in 2014. That was the first time I realized making beats is something anyone can do, and since the first day I got FL Studio I knew I was gonna do it forever.

What's your producer tag? How did you create it? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

My tag is just my name - Foreigngotem. A rapper I was working with in 2015 made it for me... he came up with it and everything. I feel like tags are important, but only if you’re trying to be an “artist type producer” aka if you wanna be famous. There’s plenty of super successful producers who don’t have a tag, but most of the time nobody outside of the producer community knows about them.

Can you run us through a studio session?

I’ve actually never had a real studio session. I’ve never been to the states so I just do everything by sending beats through the internet for now.

You've worked with YBN Almighty Jay on a bunch of songs. How/when did you first connect with him?

He found my beat on YouTube while I was still selling beats on there, he hit me up for it and a few days later he made Chopsticks. That’s what made everything possible.

Can you run us through the process of making the "Chopsticks" beat? What was it like working with Almighty Jay on it? How did he hop on the beat?

Chopsticks was just another beat I made in my bedroom. I was going super hard back then since I just finished high school and I was hella motivated to work. I think I made over 10 beats the day I made Chopsticks. I didn’t even think it was a good beat honestly. It was just another beat. But I put it up on my YouTube channel, jay found it a few days later and made Chopsticks.

How/when did you first connect with Melly? Can you run us through the process of making the "Risk Taker" beat? How did he end up hopping on your beat? And what was it like working with him on the song?

I actually never talked to Melly. I just made the loop for Risk Taker and sent it to my boy KiloKeys. He and Yung Lan made the beat and got it to Melly. First time I heard about that song was when it dropped on his album.

How/when did you first connect with Famous Dex? Can you run us through the process of making the "Money" beat? How did he end up hopping on your beat? And what was it like working with him on the song?

I found out about Money months after it was released.. and to this day I still wasn’t paid for it. And I also never sent it to Dex so I don’t even know how he got it.

Have you ever had a beat stolen or not been paid fora beat? If you have can you tell us what that was like and how you dealt with it?

A lot of times. Sometimes you find a solution, sometimes not. It is what it is. Tip for all producers though: get a good lawyer ASAP.

How did you get your beats heard? And do you have any advice/tips to producers trying to get their beats heard?

YouTube and Instagram. At the start of my career, it was YouTube - it was a way to make money from music before I was able to get my beats to major artists. And also the reason why I got my first placement. After Chopsticks, Instagram became my main tool - I just started building a fan base and networking with artists and producers I wanna work with. The best tip I can give is to experiment and find what works for YOU. Not everything will work for everybody - you have to find your own path.

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

YBN Almighty Jay album (I produced more than half of it), a lot of new songs with other artists.. and hopefully coming out to the states for the first time and just linking with everybody while I’m there.

Check him out:

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