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Croosh is one of the next artist's that will blow up in 2018. Mark my words. And, here's why.

Croosh, or Jamir Malek, is a producer/singer/rapper from Los Angeles, California. Originally a producer, he started making beats in high school, and produces every beat he raps or sings over. As opposed to usual studios, Croosh makes a lot of his music in his car, which is like his own “home” studio. He has gotten shoutouts from Russ and blackbear, and has worked with Edgar Esteves on multiple music videos, including “Zeus” and “Mind.”

Croosh has accredited Sublime, Biggie Smalls, and Jimi Hendrix as musical influences. Croosh has a very talented singing voice, as he uses his voice as a melodic instrument, while complimenting the beat. He has worked with Matt Burton, who has helped make some of his beats, and has had jazzy, guitar beats that create an acoustic vibe. Some vibey songs are “Alive feat. Matt Burton,” “Vibrations,” and “Around.” He is a singer, yes, but he doesn’t want people forgetting that he is a rapper, too. “Chronicle,” “Mind,” “Stir It,” “Woah,” and “I Need” are songs that display Croosh’s versatility not only as a singer, but as a rapper, as well.

Croosh still has not released an EP, mixtape, or album, but has almost 40 singles on all platforms, some of which have millions of streams. Croosh is up next. Soon the world will know what Croosh brings to the table, as one of the most versatile artists in the game.

Here is a link to his SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jamir-malek