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Chavo Is Unsigned, Unknown, And On His Way To Becoming Your Favorite Rapper.

I got the chance to connect with artist Chavo, from SossHouse. Chavo is one of the most talented artists I have gotten to the opportunity to talk with. His clever and creative lyrics combined with Pierre Bourne's beats creates a sound unlike any other. Keep an eye out for "Chavo's World" dropping sooner than you think!


Where are you from?

I’m originally from Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Miami when I was 14 then I moved to Atlanta at like 19 and been here since. 

How did you first get into creating music? 

From my father, Benzino. I was just always in the studio with him young as hell and I was featured on his album when I was like 6/7.

So you're a part of SossHouse. For the people who don't know can you explain what SossHouse is, who's in it? What's your relationship with all the guys in the group? And what can we expect from SossHouse in the future?

Yes, I’m apart of SossHouse, it’s a label that Pi’erre Bourne created and I’m apart of the collective. Family vibes honestly. It’s me Sharc, Frazier Trill, Jelly, Yaesane, and J Billz free Billz he locked up right now. Me and the guys talk daily we got a group chat we crack jokes in. Expect a SossHouse tape in the future.

You've worked a ton with one of the industry's most prestigious producers, Pi'erre Bourne. Your lyrics on top of Pi'erre's beats are unmatched. How/when did you first connect with Pi'erre? How did it come that you and Pierre were working together so regularly on music? 

If I’m not mistaken I met Pi’erre from my cousin Strick who is signed to YSL/300 Young Thug’s label. But Pi’erre was fire with engineering and I use to pay him to record me, and we built a brothership off that. Just off of the chemistry, we had with each other recording in the past we both just easily connect in the studio. 

You dropped your first single, "Bet Cool" (Prod. Pierre Bourne) 6 months ago. Can you run us through working on that son with Pi'erre?

I recorded that in LA at his house, it was my first time going to his spot and he has a studio in his crib it was around this time last year when I recorded, he had loaded me up with a bunch of beats and I just did everyone and “Bet Cool” was one of the beats. Pi’erre was making beats in his living room and I was locked in in the studio he had called me an engineer and I just did like a 12-hour session. Whenever I’m at Pi’erre’s house I’m doing 6-10 hour sessions daily.

Let's talk about your debut album, "Hood Luva, Vol. 1" released last month. You collaborated with producers Perfect Cell, Pi'erre Bourne, and Bricksdamane on this album. You seem to be very selective with people you work with, what made you want to work with those 3 producers for your first project? 

The only person I don’t have a long term relationship with is Perfect Cell. I’ve known Bricks and Pi’erre 5 years plus. It wasn’t no method to just have those 3 as my producers and I was gonna originally drop “Chavo World” first which is completely produced by Pi’erre but I wanted to drop “Hood Luva” so the fans could get acquainted with my sound and vibe. Build it up to Chavos World.

"Perculator" (Prod. Pierre Bourne), is one of my favorite songs off your latest album. How did that beat get into your hands? 

Pi’erre had got a studio in Atlanta for me and the artist to work in because we all stationed in Atlanta besides J Billz and you know Pi’erre is in LA. That beat was one of the beats had sent me at that time we were recording there. Knocked that song out probably in like 30-45 mins. He wasn’t there but I had sent it to him right after I recorded it. 

Another one of my favorite songs of yours is "Permission" (Prod. Pi'erre Bourne). How did you end up hopping on that Pi'erre beat? What's the inspiration behind that song?

“Permission” was another one of the songs I recorded last year during the same session I recorded “Bet Cool”. In Pi’erre’s studio inside of his house. He was in the room right beside me while I was recording it making beats. He takes pride in working man. He’s like a machine for real. Make 10-20 beats a day and does it every day. My brother had got sentenced last year he was on the run for a while and it caught up to him. But that and the drugs inspired that song.

The first time I heard "Convinced" was in my friend’s car and I immediately recognized the beat from "Mystery Machine" by Pi'erre Bourne a song that was leaked on SoundCloud 9 months ago. How did that beat go from Pi'erre to you?

Pi’erre had given me his computer one day while I was at his house because he was giving me like 6 beats a day and he was like wait slow down take the computer and he got thousands of beats on that computer and “Convinced” was one of them. When I played him the songs I did in his house on the way to the airport “Convinced” was one of them and he was in love with the song and replayed it and was fucking with it hard. I didn’t know it was the “Mystery Machine” beat until it dropped and all the fans were like noooo "Mystery Machine". I did that song in like 30/40 mins too.

What's the best way to get your foot in the door as an artist?

Just stay consistent because I’ve been doing this for 15 years I used to be signed to Interscope. But I never gave up as you can see. And never do the norm. Don’t try to sound like no one but yourself.

Lessons you've learned that you wish you knew when you first started as an artist?

Honestly, I wouldn’t do redo anything. Every lesson learned made me who I am today, so I would do everything the same even knowing what I know.

What differentiates you from the rest of the artists out there? Why should people care about Chavo?

I’m just me bro, I'm authentic take, it or leave it. And they shouldn’t care but they should be aware because I’m coming.

What can we expect from Chavo in 2019 and 2020? 

More music and visuals before the year is over. I’m releasing the "Perculator" video then I’m releasing "At 8" and "Pill After Pill" in a joint video. These 3 songs are off of the "Hood Luva" mixtape and I just released the "Permission" video last week! Expect "Chavos World" in February/March and more visuals and more music.

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