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You Never Heard Of Chavo? (Article)


Chavo released his first single, "Bet Cool" (Prod. Pierre Bourne) on SoundCloud 6 months ago. Since then he has continued to put out singles and recently dropped his debut album “Hood Luva, Vol. 1” last month and has begun to gain a following and recognition for his talent as an artist. Chavo has been able to gain popularity through working with one of the top rap producer/artist in the game right now, Pi’erre Bourne. To work with Pi’erre you have to exhibit a large amount of talent which Chavo has. Nowadays for a rapper, a Pi’erre Bourne beat can launch their career. Chavo is currently an independent artist and has a small but steady growing fanbase on Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify. His number one streamed song, "Had A Feeling" (Prod. Pi'erre Bourne) has 165k on SoundCloud. Chavo and Pi’erre Bourne have a collaborative project, “Chavo’s World”, scheduled to be released in February. This tape will increase Chavo’s streaming numbers on all platforms. After the tape is dropped people will be quick to recognize Chavo as a talented and lyrical artist. Our interview with Chavo is on the way so make sure to stay tuned for that dropping sooner than you think.

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