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Chatz Talks Connecting With GrownBoiTrap, How He Built Up His Placements And More!


We got the chance to connect with producer, Chatz. He’s worked with artists like GrownBoiTrap, Freshie, and more! In this interview Chatz talks about how he created his producer, first connecting with GrownBoiTrap and more! He’s a new producer to the game and has a lot of potential so keep your eye out for songs produced by Chatz! Check out my favorite production of his “Yeah Yeah” by GrownBoiTrap. His social media and SoundCloud are linked down below go check out his beats and make sure to give him a follow!

What was going on in your life when you made your first beat? Was producing always the goal?

Before I started making beats, I used to spend my days playing Xbox and listening to music. I heard a bunch of trap/EDM type remixes for songs on youtube and I thought it would be easy to make one. So I tried to make an EDM beat and it was awful so I dropped that genre, it’s not really what I listened to and I don’t think I connected to it. Eventually, I connected with rap and began playing around with making the beats. Producing always was the goal but whenever one of my beats inspired me I would go and record on it just to drop an idea on it and see if it was worth putting in the time to write lyrics for it. 

Did you have any doubts in your mind that you weren’t going to be successful? If so, what did you do to prevent yourself from giving up?

Oh for sure, there was a period where I couldn’t sell any beats or get anyone on them and it was super discouraging because I had put so much work into the beats. I think what stopped me from giving up was realizing that like everyone goes through these dry periods. I listened to podcasts where producers like Murda would say that getting people on your beats and having connections is the hardest part of being a producer. So that motivated me a lot knowing that If I just push a little bit harder I could soon be where I wanna be.  So I am still pursuing success, you can’t stop that pursuit!

What's your producer tag? How did you create it? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

The very first producer tag I ever had was my voice recorded into a mic saying “Chatz on the beat” and I would pitch it up a bunch so people couldn’t tell it was my voice, but eventually people figured it out. After a while, I started to get sick of that tag so I looked up different websites that make tags for you. I bought one from this guy Jay Neutron and just asked him to say “Chatz” for me. He put a bunch of effects on it to spice it up and I’ve been using it ever since. Producer tags are super important because it puts your mark on your craft. Nowadays a catchy producer tag can get stuck in someone's head and create a producer following because people heard the tag and figured out who he/she was.

How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?

I would say it took me around 3-4 months to start producing decent enough beats to sell and place. I would go on Soundcloud and find people in my suggested, follow them, then message them on Soundcloud and ask for their email.  After flooding all their emails with beats it took me about a month to find someone who recorded on my beat and it was a great feeling.

You've worked with GrownBoiTrap a lot how/when did you first connect with him?

After I had produced for about 6-7 months I bought an email list from this guy on twitter and GrownBoi’s email was on it. So he happened to email me a pack after I sent him a pack and asked for my number. So about 5 minutes later I got a call and he was like “Yo send more stuff through bro we’re in the studio and I just got on 2 of your beats.” Later I found a snippet on his Instagram story of the song we had and it was over the “War” beat. That was my first big placement I got.

Can you run us through making the "Yeah Yeah" beat? How did GrownBoiTrap end up hopping on it?

So one day I was at school and GrownBoi had texted me asking for a new pack, and I only had like one new beat to send so I ran up to the library and threw my headphones on and checked back at the text to see what kind of beats he wanted. He said “send Pi’erre beats” so I opened FL and threw some quick chords down and then some simple drums. I used Electra for the melodies and then added some flavor by putting some hat rolls in there. It probably took me 15 minutes to make but it turned out to be a fire beat. After I made it I texted it to him and went to class, and by the end of the day, he had sent me the song back. I never got the chance to be in a session with trap because he was always out in Florida and I’m out in LA. That's the thing about music. Sometimes you can spend hours on something and it just doesn’t come together or you spend 15 minutes and it’s fire.

Can you run us through making the "War" beat? How did GrownBoiTrap end up hopping on it? Were you with him in the studio when he recorded it? If so can you run us through that session?

The war beat was the first beat he got on and was included in the first pack I sent him. I used Logic Pro X to make this beat and I used this plugin called “Hybrid” to lay down 4 chords with sort of a string instrument. Then I made the side melody with a bell from nexus. After I had the melodies I laid down the drums and the percs. I had finished the beat and I felt like it was missing something. That's when I found this stock flute in logic and I added another side melody to the beat using that flute. Then I formatted it and sent it to him. The first part of the song I heard was just the hook and it went crazy so I got super pumped. 

Can you run us through making the "40 With A Dick" beat? How did GrownBoiTrap end up hopping on it?  

I made this beat in my room when I was coming off of beat block and I wanted to make something faster than I normally made. Usually, when I've got beat block, I tend to use it as a chance to experiment and make something new. So I drew in a little chord progression and then used a flute from nexus as my lead. I liked the melody so I decided to go through with it and add drums. Added a simple drum pattern and formatted it. A lot of people say this and it's completely true-keep it simple. If you over complicate your beats you leave no room for the artist to get on it. A lot of the artists I have worked with always remind me to keep it simple.

Can you run us through making the "Double Back" beat? How did Freshie end up hopping on it? Were you with him in the studio when he recorded it? If so can you run us through that session? 

So I made the double back beat in September and I had just gotten a new sample chop kit from “Vybe.” I was going through the chops and I wasn’t feeling any of them until I got to the last couple ones. I heard it and instantly knew I messed with the chop. So I added drums and then sent it off to a couple of artists and freshie was the first one to get back to me. Shoutout to Freshie that's my bro we got so many unreleased songs. He was one of the first artists I had worked with who made music I messed with and that was huge for me. Freshie emailed me the song back and I opened my email and listened in my car on the way to school. I already knew it was a hit and then after he dropped it, everyone's reactions to it proved to me that it was a hit.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you've worked on?

My favorite musical project I have worked on so far (that has dropped) is probably the Freshie project. I also heavily rock with this artist named “Flock A Zoe.” We’ve got a couple of singles that have dropped and he’s up and coming. He’s super helpful and knows exactly what he wants so it's super fun working with him. 

With all the music producers in the world, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?

You know, I think my passion for music has driven me a lot and taken me a long way. Also, the constant love from my friends and family and the artists I have worked with has pushed me to work harder and harder and made me feel like I could do this sort of thing. I think it's easier for me to chase something I love knowing that it could someday be my job rather than be upset that I didn’t put as much effort into it when I could’ve.

How did you build up your placements? Any advice to producers who might have a fire sound but not the connections to get in touch with bigger artists?

So at first, I used to find tweets of people asking for producers to send beats and I would send stuff. But the more I did that the more I realized that It wasn’t working for me so as an alternative, I tried to personally reach out to people I messed with whether that was on twitter, Instagram, or Soundcloud, and that seemed to work a lot better. My advice would be a couple of things. 1.) Don’t give up because you don’t have connections. I really put an emphasis this past year (2019) on making connections and I have definitely made progress, but I’m still far from where I wanna be. If you trust that your sound is really good, then invest in yourself and find some bigger producers you wanna collab with. Even though it may cost more money because they are more mainstream, it could get your name out there for sure. 2.) Don’t try to shoot for the major artists right away, or if you do, don’t expect anything at all. Something I learned as I got more experience is that you can make so many more connections if you produce for the smaller names that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve. So don’t expect everything to come to you, go out and find some artists you mess with and who have talent and work with them. 3.) Lastly, if you are focused on really trying to make connections then I would stop trying super hard to sell beats. It's easy for me to say this because I don’t need this to be my job yet, so for all the young producers who are trying to build their brand, I would say that you should not emphasize the selling part because getting your name out is more important. And by doing this, you will be able to put all your focus towards finding out how to connect with bigger artists and eventually make music with them.

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

2019 is by far already my best year. I have a big project dropping with an upcoming artist and it's gonna be crazy. I’ve had some big names rock with my stuff and hopefully work on my beats. I’m more motivated than ever right now and I’m pouring it all into my producing and the result will show very soon. Along with all of that, I'm hoping to get at least 1 major label placement by the end of the year and next year I’ll be shooting for a plaque. As long as you put your mind AND the time into it, you can accomplish it. 

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