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Catching Up With One Of Shoreline Mafia's Producers Yung Henny

Shoreline Mafia's Rob Vicious (left) and producer Yung Henny (right)

Having worked with artists such as Shoreline Mafia, Nebu Kiniza, and Slimesito, Yung Henny is making himself known in the music industry. Being only 22 years old Yung Henny has quiet the producing career ahead of himself. Check out his latest production, "Big Purchase" by Rob Vicious (feat. Real Recognize Rio).

Where are you from and what age did you first make a connection to music?

What’s up! This Yung Henny on the beat and I’m a 22 year old producer located in the 805, born in Los Angeles. I remember being 8 years old learning how to play the guitar and all throughout elementary, middle school, and high-school, I was able to pick up the piano, bass guitar, tuba, sax, and a little bit of drumming. It wasn’t till the 10th grade that my good friend, $hake, showed me the ropes of Fl studio. 

Is there a process you have when making beats? Describe that process?

My process for making beats might be a little different then most producers because all of my beats are handmade in a sense that I play everything on the piano before I record it into the program. I like to keep it that way so it gives the listeners an authentic feel to my sound then just a boring 4 note melody you commonly hear in rap music. I make anywhere from 5-10 beats a week so you know I’m always cookin, brainstorming, and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. The creative process never stops! A little smoke don’t hurt either. 

Whats the best way to get noticed as a producer?

I think in today’s age of producing were there is an abundance of producers all trying to get there foot in the door, you just have to bring something to the table that nobody has created before. For young guns that see us doing our thing and want to do it like us they got to understand that they can’t just copy us and expect results from that. I’ve been making music for over 10 years so no I don’t think I’m lucky that this has worked out, I think I’ve put the time and effort to make it happen and that’s what everyone needs to do. NO SHORTCUTS! 

How do your beats differ from other producers?

My beats differ from other producers because I know what I’m doing verse filling in a bunch of score and being lucky that it sounds good. My composition and understanding of a record is all in my brain ready to deliver. Making a beat is one thing but constructing a Hit, a record is another. I want the listener to feel what I felt when I made the beat. Everything has to be on key, mixed well and of course it has to HIT. I can also make any genre of a beat you want me to...Trap, west coast, Detroit, pop, punk and rock music adding my own twist to it. 

How did you get to work with Shoreline Mafia? What was it like working with them?

So in 2015/2016 I knew this chick that knew that I produced music, mind you that my beats were nowhere at the level I wanted them to be. She told me about Shoreline mafia and that I needed to send them beats. At the time I had no idea who they were let alone that they where even located in so cal. I did my research and soon found on SoundCloud that these dudes went in! I knew my sound complimented Rob the most so I reached out to him for an email. Next thing you know he sends me his email and I sent him the first beat that morning.  That afternoon he sent me back the song which is called “Rollin”. It was basically history after that. Rob and I soon after became really good friends to this day. I started going over there and met the whole gang in 2016. We then all started to make songs but I have the most with Rob. We have like 60 songs together. I’ve been cool with the whole gang since then. I watched them blow the fuck up and get everything they deserved! Fun fact is that maybe a year after meeting, Rob told me that he never really fucked wit producers because he makes beats so I guess I was lucky he even sent me an email! 

Whats the most annoying thing you have to deal with as a producer?

The most annoying thing I have to deal with as a producer and I’m sure other producers that work with popping artists can feel this as well is waiting for a song to drop. I feel like I have a curse where the songs I produce take forever to be released haha. Also making sure that I get credited on every record properly. Producing has taught me patience and that’s a key trait in this industry. If you don’t have patience and your leaking songs and what not your not going to build a relationship with those artists and you will sink. 

How long did it take for you to get your first taste of success and what was that feeling like?

I’d have to say my first taste of success was in 2016 when Shoreline dropped our first song “I don’t Fuck Wit it”. I remember I was out of town when I seen that the SoundCloud was going crazy in numbers! Rob, Fenix and Ohgeesy murked that song. Prior to that song I wasn’t working with any popping artists and I was wondering how I was going to get my foot in the door. It honestly felt great knowing thousands and thousands of people were finally hearing my beats and loving it. That was the point where I knew I wasn’t going to let up and it’s been up ever since. 

Whats your opinion on producers starting to rap?

I think this new trend of producers starting to rap is quite interesting because I’ve yet to see one producer do it justice. 75% of them all sound the same, rap about the same shit in autotune, and there is no authenticity to it. It kind of makes me laugh Hahahahah. Rob Vicious is the only person I’ve seen do it and absolutely kill it. Do what you want to do, I’m not gonna stop anyone from doing that but a lot of these people are selling themselves short and in the long run embarrassing themselves.I like quality music. I’m really picky about the music I make and listen to and I’m not about to support no garbage that all sounds the same. But what do I know? Lol

Whats a good starting software for producers who are just starting out?

A good software for a producer to start with is Fl Studio. It’s easy, fun and I love the layout. It is not to expensive if you want to buy the program.

Whats on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

Catch me behind songs for Shoreline Mafia, Lil Dude, Slimesito, Nebu Kiniza, Bandgang Lonnie, Da$h , Sha Hef , Larry League, ATLSMOOK , Black Fortune and Soulja boy OTW. Thank you Sticks and Stones. 

Check Out Yung Henny!

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