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Blvck London Talks How He's Been Able To Network Himself, How "Everyday" Was Made, And More

Bankz (left), Tay-K (middle), Blvck London (right), and Pimpyz (bottom)

Blvck London has been a force in the rap game for years. Putting up hundreds of thousands of streams on SoundCloud and networking with some of the biggest names in the game like UnoTheActivist, Yung Gleesh, and ThouxanBanFauni, to name a few. Blvck London has a lot of new music, merch, and shows coming your way this year, so keep an eye out for him.


Where are you from? What was your upbringing like? Talk life before Blvck London. What were you into as a child? What's the music scene like in your area? And what were you listening to growing up?

 I'm born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, the 540. Growing up in the Noke ain't sweet at all. It taught me a lot it get gully out there. My Uncles taught me the game when I was young while my pops was locked up. Long Live Lil Merle. I left VA at a early age because my moms wanted to make a better life for us, pursue her education in Texas and get away from all the gang violence and hardships of VA. She moved to Texas first, and I was still staying at my grandma's house in Roanoke then eventually moved to Killeen wit my god mom, then to Dallas with my mother. I remember riding around with my moms in the Honda in VA with my Jay Z cassette tapes on repeat. There weren't many rappers koming out of VA at the time, especially Roanoke, so when I move to Dallas, Texas, the music culture was a much bigger thing, but I didn't even start rapping till I got out of college. Never graduated, but Blvck London, for sure, a scholar in the trap. 

What made you want to start recording? What was going through your head when you put out your first song? How long have you been making music? And any significant influences musically and on your life? 

Mane, I never saw myself as a rapper in High School or no shit like that. I would always freestyle over some beats with the homies smoking weed and what not but never took it seriously until I was about 20. I was into fashion heavy and was always known to be one of the waviest at school, so one day, one of the homies Matt and I were talking, mind you he already a rapper and was like "bruh fashion and music go hand to hand on a business tip. You already look like an artist might as well hop in the booth and add this to your other sources of income", and it was up from there. London means a ruler, and black is every color in one and also symbolizes power and royalty, so you got "Blvck London". Lil Wayne was a major influence on me wanting to be a rapper. He's the goat.

A lot of artists struggle to gain any success because they try to copy other artists' sound. How did you create your own? And what's the importance of having your sound as an artist?

Originality and consistency are crucial to success. My momma always taught me I was a leader, not a follower, so even before the music, I was always my own man. When I make music, I'm expressing myself, what I been through, and putting my own swag on it, so it's automatically original kuz it's my story. As a businessman or artist, it's essential to be secure with yourself because I feel like copying other people is just a way of showing your insecurities, and you never let people know your weaknesses. The people also respect real shit they kan tell when it's fake, and that's why people gravitate to my music. 

You have been able to connect with artists like Tay-K, UnoTheActivist, ThouxanBanFauni, KEY!, and more. How have you been able to network yourself so well? Any tips for artists trying to connect with big names in the industry?

Yeah, mane free all my bloodas and fuck the system. God is just good. It was all him, I was meant for this life, and I didn't understand it until these relationships came about because it happened, so genuinely, it's hard to explain how it happened it's krazy. I never forced it and always invested in myself. Money talks bullshit walks, so get you a hustle and then flip that to work in your benefit. 

When did you connect with Tay-K? How long have you known him/what's your relationship with him? What's your thoughts on his current situation, is there any hope for him coming home? 

Tay my blooda mane free da goat. I done slept on the floor with bruh ya dig. We linked up in the DFW area in 2013-2014, and it wasn't even on no music shit me and bro had a lot of common bloodas, and it was up from there. I always hate talking about this shit because I feel the system is built for us to lose like this. Still, I remember one night me, Tay, and Bankz were at the trap in the kitchen, and they were just telling me "big bro I look up to you I'm tryna get my own spot and handle business like you doing", and it broke my heart mane kuz I feel like I didn't do enough to help my lil bloodas. I kome from the mud, so I have been there and went through all the stuff they were going through, but I would always encourage them to do the right thing because the streets are designed for us to fail, but at the end of the day I kan't walk for my homies I kan only give the game. Things got complicated, but it's forever love with me and Tay. We recorded "Made Myself The Plug" in the studio together. Tay, Pimp, and Bankz are all too talented man and didn't deserve all this. I was at his court trial the whole time and just to hear that judge say 55 years fucked me up. FUCK the system, and yeah, man, I believe in high power all praise YAHWEH, so there's always hope for a return!

You, Tay-K, and DJYoungKash linked up on "Made Myself The Plug". How did Tay-K end up hopping on the song? Where was the song recorded, and can you run us through that session? 

Fuck DjYoungKash, he lame as fuck brody went out sad behind the clout. I bought about 13 exclusive beats from DjYoungKash documented and was looking to do an EP with him because at the time I fucked with bro hard, he produced a lot of the songs I liked. So I decided to put together an EP called "DATLANTA" paying homage to both Dallas and Atlanta because I was in ATL frequently, and they would always show me, mad love. So at the time, Tay was the only "rapper" from Dallas I was rocking with, so I told em I wanted him on the tape. We left the trap and went straight to the big homie B Eazy studio. We laid out the track and instantly knew it was a hit, this nigga name Mikey was there, and bro kan vouch it took us less than an hour to make that song because me and Tay had already written to the beat bro was 15 at the time. Once it was done, we knew we had a hit, and at the time, I was bigger then Tay, and that's my blooda, so there was no money involved at all. It was off the strength. When Tay blew up, DjYoungKash tried to redrop the song after it had already been out for damn near two years as if it was new featuring me. Clout is a hell of a drug, but everybody and they momma know that's my song featuring Tay, so it was a wrap for DjYoungKash after that. 

You and Gamerboomin collaborated on "The Move". Gamerboomin is one of my favorite and most talented producers in the game, how did you and him link up, and how did you end up hopping on that beat? 

Gamerboomin too fye and nah bruh was fucking with my sound and sent me a pack through Twitter, and we went krazy from there. "The Move" is one of my favorite songs I ever released. That's forever a classic. At the time, I had just dropped a hit "Boof Man" produced by MexikoDro, and I guess that caught Gamerboomin ear kuz he in that plug beat lane too. We were not in the studio together, but I know if we were shit would have been even crazier. We'll probably cross paths again in person on the music journey, wait on it.

Talk about your record, "Everyday" (feat. ThouxanBanFauni). With MilanMakesBeats on the production, you two are unstoppable together. How did you two connect? How did that beat fall into your hands? What was that whole experience like? Talk those studio sessions if there were any.

Thank you. I appreciate the love and yeah mane Fauni the homie for life. When me and Uno linked, he introduced me to Fauni, and instantly we all klicked like we knew each other for years. I ended up throwing a show in Dallas for "Dalanta" and it was Tay-K's last performance ever at the Green Elephant, shit krazy. But yea Fauni popped out, and then I flew back to the A wit em for my g day. I was fresh off a hit, so mad producers were trying to get placements with me. Milan fye he hit me on twitter saying he wanted to work and sent me a beat pack it just so happen when I flew to the A me and Fauni recorded a hit on one of the beats from the pack and now we have "Everyday". Fauni took me to a studio in the A and we made that song in like 30 min no jeffin. I'm TTB/FLATLINE forever. After I recorded my verse, Fauni deadass went in there and freestyled the whole thing bruh too talented!

In 2016, you happened to link with UnoTheActivist on the record "No Seal No Deal", also produced by DJYoungKash. How did you and Uno connect? Was that an in-person session, or did you work on that separately? Can you run us through that session? 

Uno is my blooda for life, and beyond mane, brody has sat down at the table with my family and I to eat on Easter ya dig. One day I was checking my SoundCloud, and I had just released my first official song on there called "Sorry" feat Yung Gleesh and I noticed Uno had put it on his SoundCloud playlist. So I emailed bruh trying to network, and brody hit me back with his number, and then we linked in Dallas, and it was up from there. Me and Uno record "No Seal No Dea"l at this studio in Dallas called Mogul Media, and when I tell you this man freestyled and one taked his verse in like 15 minutes, I was like wtf, again another feature off the strength. I learned a lot and seen a lot being on the road with Uno, and I am forever grateful for that. Uno hands down one of the most talented artists I know. Expect more music from me and Uno in the near future we make beautiful music together. 

As of recent, you've been dropping consistent fire. Being that the industry is just so oversaturated these days, what's your key to staying fresh? Also, talk about your affiliation with FlatLine Records

FLATLINE RECORDS, LLC is my record label that I solidified maybe going on three years ago. I saw a lot of fool shit go down in the industry, so I decided to be my boss and make my label and dedicated it to teaching young artists the fundamentals of being an artist as well as a business. I was taught to lead by example, so I can't expect hits from my artist if I'm not out here producing fire, so I try to stay consistent with my content. This rap shit easy because I live what I rap about. Keeping up a lie is always harder then being real. I never compromised my brand by gimmicks and stuff like you see nowadays, and I am very confident in myself, so the fans just appreciate the authenticity because it's not a lot left in the industry now for real.

Message to all the artists out there trying to establish a name for themselves? 

My message to all the artists coming up is to keep God first and learn the business behind the music before diving into a deal. Don't let your talent go to waste by automatically signing a deal because, at the end of the day, that is a loan that has to be paid back with a lot of interest. Owe nothing control everything, and compound interest/passive income is the key to real financial success, which will then position you to be the "lender", not the "borrower". Be your own boss and build a team.

What can we expect from Blvck London in 2020?

2020 is already starting off successful I am now positioning myself to make some major investments that will result in a lot of capital for me to spend on my artist ad myself for FLATLINE. A lot of videos are on the way, new merch and more shows. I'm thinking about hosting an annual festival in Dallas too. Follow me on IG, Twitter or subscribe to my website for updates. Shoutout A Lost Pilot for the interview it's up! 

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