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Afterparty Talks Linking Up With Jay Critch, How He Got His Producer Tag, And More!


We got the chance to connect with producer, Afterparty. He’s had the opportunity to work with artists like Jay Critch, Mar90s, and UnoTheActivist. We got the chance to talk about how he got his producer tag, building up his placements and more. Check out my favorite production of his “Same Team” by Jay Critch. I’ve linked his social media down below give his page and music a peep his beats are next level.

What age did you first make a connection to producing music? And how long have you been producing music?

I would say around 16 years old and I'm 21 now so 5 years. I wanted to try djing at first but ended up changing my mind when some family members told me to look into making beats.

What's your producer tag? How did you create it? What's the importance of having a producer tag?

It's just the word “Afterparty” I had my sister say it for me. It's important because that’s how people will identify you when they listen to a song you produced. Some people still don’t think tags are needed but I disagree.

What's your scene? Would you rather be at the crib cooking up beats solo? Or be in the studio collaborating with other producers?

I do both but mostly in my house because I have a studio setup I also can do sessions there if someone books one. I like working in a studio with people too but the only thing with that is the time is limited to a certain amount of hours. Going out is good also because it's good to switch up your scenery from time to time.

How/when did you first link up with Jay Critch? What's it been like working with him?

I linked up with him through a friend Zay Slam he would have me send him beats and he would forward them to Critch this was back in 2016. That’s how I found out who Critch was. The first song we made was Kouple bands. I made the beat with @Hicwentwest.

Can you run us through the process of making the "Same Team" beat by Jay Critch?

I was just making beats regularly and I used fl studio my favorite program. I made about 3 or 4 beats that day. I think it took around 30 minutes to make that one.

Can you run us through the process of making the "Day Dream" beat by UnoTheActivist?

I was just cooking up going for a slower vibe with that one, didn’t know who would even end up using it in the end. I played the beat for Uno at @marvyayy studio in downtown NYC.

What's your opinion on producers starting to rap more often nowadays? Would you ever put something out yourself?

I think they should as long as it sounds good, and I have way back but not anymore though. One producer/rapper that I listen to is Pi'erre Bourne he goes crazy.

Do you have help write lyrics while in the studio collaborating with artists on songs?

I don’t do that I would if someone asked me to. I've helped with the arrangement in some sessions I've recorded but that’s about it so far.

How did you build up your connections with artists and other producers? What's the best way for a new producer to get their beats out to artists?

I usually use Instagram to talk to a lot of people or if I'm in a studio ill get everyone's contact to talk to them after. The best way I don’t know but one good way is to get to the artist's friends or manager. I would also say travel I took a trip out to Atl last summer it went pretty smooth. I was in different studios and got some new connections.

What's on the horizon for your music career in 2019?

Just cooking up and working with a few artists waiting for the songs to drop. But in the meantime ill be sending beats out to different A&R people.

Check him out:

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