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6 dogs

Chase Amick, known better by his stage name, 6 dogs, has jumped into the sad-trap emo-rap game at the age of 18. His style is very unique because it's almost as though he is just talking over a beat, and not actually singing. Somehow, he makes it work. His flow is very, very slow, and almost makes you feel tired. If you listen to his lyrics, it's easy to realize that he isn't just some kid making sad music with his friends; he is very lyrically inclined. 6 dogs has two albums, "6 dogs," which was released in 2017 and "6 wolves," which was released in April of 2018 in collaboration with the producer Danny Wolf. During an interview with No Jumper, 6 dogs explains how as a young high school kid he battled with depression and that's where the song "Flossing" came from. His most popular song, "Faygo Dreams," is personally my favorite song. It was recorded in his lunchroom with the producer Pretty Pacc and was released on Soundcloud, where it currently has 17.1 million listens. 6 dogs really started gaining recognition when he collaborated with the video director, Cole Bennet, the owner of Lyrical Lemonade, to shoot the video for "Buttcheeks." This video currently has 4 million views. The thing that makes 6 dogs so incredible is the fact that he doesn't just rap about nice cars, pretty girls, and jewelry. He raps about real life issues, like depression, and is not what your parents hoped you were going to turn out to be. Bottom line, he makes sad music but I beg you to give him a listen if you haven't already. You might be able to relate to him in a way you never thought you could.

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