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5 Questions With Benny D

The rap game needs more rappers like Benny D. And Benny D is ready to make a name for himself.

Who thought rappers could go by their real names anymore? With names like Lil Skies, Lil Xan, Lil Gnar, and too many "Lils" to count, it is starting to get corny. At this point, I have started to lose track of all of them. But, Benny D keeps it real, just like his music.

The 21 year old from Boston, MA is coming up, and is a name to get to know. Benny D has incredible flow, great production, and real lyrics. With similar flow to Logic, his hooks are original and catchy. He can slow it down in "17," yet can bring the heat in songs like "The Cut" and "Couldn't Do." His positive vibes are noticeable in his music and his character, as he preaches positivity. With only few rappers from Boston coming up, like Cousin Sitzz, Token, and Michael Christmas, Benny D has the potential to make a name for himself in a smaller, yet strong, market in Boston.

Sticks and Stones: What made you want to start making music?

- I've been making music before i started really making music if that makes sense. As a kid i would always have these melodies pop in my head like little theme songs for what i was doing at the time. Growing up i loved Hip-Hop. I loved the lyricism and flow patterns of the musicians at the time and i would occasionally write i few bars here and there but it wasn't until i was 18 when i was just sitting listening to a new logic song that i realized "hol Up... I could do this too". I never looked back after that.

What does music emotionally do for you?

- Music immerses me in the moment. Music lets me delve into the current thoughts in my brain and contemplate every piece. It gives me confidence. When i step on stage i instantly feel the power and responsibility that accompanies delivering a message to an entire crowd. Music Extends my feelings so that everyone can feel how i feel and vice versa. i've found the mood of a room will most likely reflect the mood of the song playing in that room.

Is it hard coming out of Boston and making a name for yourself?

- Boston is full of potential. Hard working artists with ambition to be great, in that there's no debate. The problem is that there isn't much or any music management/ business presence in Boston. That's why you'll always hear people say "They won't love you until you come back". As a Boston artist it is necessary to leave the city to network and establish presence and then come back a hero.

Who are your biggest musical influences and if you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

- As stereotypical as it is Tupac is the one who got me started by writing poetry as a kid. He enlightened my perspective and led me to move differently to survive in situations i may not have with a different mindset. the first 5 Hip hop artists that come to my mind are Drake, Tyler the Creator for his amazing vision and production skills, A$AP Rocky for his unique sound and style, Kanye for his ability to go against the grain and never fall to others opinions, and finally J. Cole for his continued presence on the Hip Hop scene while following his path to enlightenment.

Any new projects in the works?

- I do have a new summer Project On the Way. Very excited to drop as it is most definitely my best collection of songs yet. For more info follow me on Instagram @BennyDofficial or listen to me on Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, etc as "Benny D"

Stay on the lookout for Benny D. He is making a name for himself out of Boston, and his flow and style is something that is here to stay. His positive vibes are clearly visible, and his music has its own sound. We hope that Benny D can continue his grind to the limelight. Here are the links to his Spotify and Instagram:



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